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Fife Interfaith Group was formed in 2004 to promote Interfaith in Fife and welcomes people of all faiths to join in our events and group discussions.

What is ‘interfaith’? Generally speaking, it is a way of bringing people of different faith backgrounds together in order that they may learn from one another and gain greater understanding and acceptance.

It could be summed up by this quote by Dr Hans Küng, a Professor of Ecumenical Theology and President of the Foundation for a Global Ethic… "There will be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions. There will be no peace among the religions without dialogue among the religions".

And so we are a part of an international movement!

Nationally, we have ‘Interfaith Scotland’, which has been working to promote awareness and understanding of the wide variety of faith groups around the country since 1999. (See link at bottom of page.)

Next Meeting:-   Talk by Police Scotland on 11 September 2018 on Using Autobanks at New Volunteer House, 16 East fergus Place, Kirkcaldy KY1 1XT

All welcome - Refreshments will be served




Talk on Spiritualism by Irene MacGilvray


Irene started her talk by stating that she was a medium and as such could be called to anywhere in the UK but is presently in Kirkcaldy.  She explained that Spiritualism is governed by the Spiritualist’s National Union, which is a Charity and has 300 affiliated churches. They organize the training of Ministers and Mediums have a system of examinations, a college  and regularly visit the affiliated churches. They have 7 Principles : 1. The Fatherhood of God 2. The Brotherhood of Man  3. The Communion of Saints and the Ministry of Angels   4.The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul  5. Personal responsibility  6. Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil deeds done on Earth   7.Eternal Progress open to Every Human Soul.


Ministers act as any Minister of Faith with responsibility for the Church where they are living. There is a Lyceum in each Church which is basically a Sunday School for all ages so that congregations can learn more about Spiritualism  and how Life is to learn and how we have to take responsibilities for the choices we make.  Sometimes it can take many years until we fully understand what our trials in life are for.  In her own life she had always dreamed of being a Mother and having children and eventually she did have two children but they are both now in the Spirit World and she was obviously very unhappy.  Eventually she came to terms with the Trauma and gradually all the negative feelings were replaced with positive feelings and she was able to thank God for the things that had happened to her and understand them.  LIGHT- NATURE- TRUTH.


Medium-ship gives positive proof that life is eternal and this life is not the be all and end all. Jesus was the great Healer and Medium many of his visions are described in the Bible as are his healings.  Medium-ship comes through the mind, not the brain.  The Spirit has to lower its vibrations and the Medium has to raise their vibration until they are in synch. It is the Spirit who decides who comes through.  Information must be given without using too much energy so the link can be maintained .  Medium-ship is about Perception and Clairvoyance is not just about the popular idea of Medium-ship but also can be by objects, hearing, taste as well.  There is also Spiritual Healing and this can be hands on or distant healing and is done with prayers and is inspired by the Spirit World . Healing can be done alone or in Groups but nothing can be guaranteed it is not just Faith.


A Spiritualist Service consists of a Peace Moment to start then a Prayer , Hymn, Healing moment, Reading, Hymn, Reading, Spirit World, a Hymn then a closing prayer, any member can conduct a service at the minister’s behest.  Spiritualism also has baptisms, weddings (Aloka), Funerals as do all Faiths.  There can be demonstrations organized to raise funds.  There is great lack of Spirituality in the world today and Spiritualism is often seen as a threat.  There are many fakes, Mediums who do say 2 weeks training and then call themselves a medium when in fact they need further instruction.  They are often guided by their Ego and the chance to make money. There are many fakes on TV and films can show Spiritualism in a bad light. Psychic nights in pubs which are primarily to make money for the pub and the medium attending, are also a bad form of Spiritualist practice, which all damage Spiritualism.  Like most churches Spiritualism has been hit by falling attendances. Just after the war St Vincent Church in Glasgow would have three services on a Sunday each full with 2,000 attendances but now this no longer happens. Mediums and ministers are all encouraged to dress smartly but not always with a tie which is preferred, for men of course! All are voluntary getting just expenses if they have to travel.  Otherwise no-one is told what to think.


Jesus was the best Teacher and Healer and chose his disciples for their psychic abilities. A good medium will listen carefully to the messages they receive and not give the answers that people want to hear.  There is the famous case of a medium from Edinburgh, Helen Duncan, who told a mother that her son was lost at sea in a ship.  This was during the war and the War Office was suppressing the news of the loss of the ship.  So when they heard about this incident because people were talking about it, the medium was arrested as a spy as they said she must have got the information from Germany. After 6 months, having been accused of witchcraft, she was eventually released!  She could have so easily told the mother that her son was safe and well which is what the mother wanted but the Medium gave the message she had received from the Spirit World.

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