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Fife Interfaith Group (FIG)

Fife Interfaith Group was first formed in 2004 by Fife Council but since 2010 has operated independently running its own affairs.  2012 was the culmiunation of much planning when the Interfaith Peace garden was opened in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy and is still a peaceful place to sit and meditate in the lovely surroundings.  The Peace Garden which includes a Peace Pole was sponsored by Lottery Funding Scotland, Fife Council, Park Hotel and local tradesmen who donated and carved the Peace Pole.  Since then many events have been held including an annual Interfaith Lecture held in Scottish Interfaith Week in November which is now in its 7th year.  The aim of Fife Interfaith Group is bring together people of all Faiths in Fife and advance public knowledge and practices of the different Faith Communities in Fife.

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Future Events Planned


Interfaith Drop In Centre at Mercat Centre Kirkcaldy  7 September 2019 11am - 3pm during Diversity Week - Fife

"Put the Kettle On" Dunfermline Mosque 8 October 7pm

Visit to Edinburgh Gurdwara in November during Scottish Interfaith Week

Community Help Event during Scottish Interfaith Week

We will be holding Monthly Meetings every Second Tuesday in Kirkcaldy or Dunfermline



Dementia Friendly Meeting

Next Monthly Meeting

Business Meeting

Monthly Meeting 13 August 2019 at 7pm

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, St Leonards Place Dunfermline KY11 3BJ

Planning for Diversity Week - Fife and Scotish Interfaith Week

Everyone Welcome   - Refreshments will be served


Dementia Friendly by Ruth McCabe Fife Council

Becoming Dementia Friendly – What’s In It For You?

Thank you so much for inviting me along to your meeting.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to give you information about the dementia Friendly Fife Project and I hope to inspire you to get involved and become a dementia friend.

Before I go into the details of the Project I’d like to pose you a question.

Imagine for a minute that you have been diagnosed with dementia. How would you like to live your life? Would you want to be able to do the same things you have always done or do you think you would need to shut yourself up at home to stay safe and avoid people who may not know how to talk to you?

If we can create a Dementia Friendly Community across Fife then people living with a diagnosis of dementia in their lives will be able to do what they have always done. That means going to the same shops, banks, building societies, cafés, pubs, libraries, museums, galleries, sports clubs, churches and anywhere else that is “normal” in their lives.

Over the last 2 years Fife Council has worked with Alzheimer Scotland on a Project to endeavour to support Glenrothes and the surrounding area to become Dementia Friendly. This has involved approaching local businesses and services to take them through a process which involves assessing physical spaces for their signage and way finding and offering dementia friends training.

The range of organisations which received the award include GP practices, Libraries, The Kingdom Shopping Centre, Community Centres, a hairdressers, a hotel, a church, banks, a Building Society and cafes.

The Project was very successful and Fife Council wanted to extend it across the whole of the Kingdom. I have been employed to take this forward.

The Dementia Friendly Fife Project will work in exactly the same way and will be an extension of the work in Glenrothes. I will be continuing to assess physical spaces to give advice on how to create dementia friendly signage. The other major component of the Project is to make sure everyone has a better understanding of dementia and how it can affect people at all stages of the illness. This is achieved by becoming a dementia friend. This training is open to everyone and can be taken on line through a 15 minute course or at an hour long face to face session.


With one in three of us likely to get dementia it is really important for us all to know where to get information and support and how to look after ourselves and any family, friends or work colleagues who may get diagnosed.

Knowledge and understanding about how to live well with dementia is the key to all of us being able to stay at home and continue to be part of the communities we know and love and where we are known and loved.

Dementia Friendly Communities are driven by people living with the illness and they identify priority areas for development and approaches. It is essential that we ask them what matters to them about living with dementia in their communities and I will be setting up events to ensure this happens.

Consultation like this was part of the Glenrothes Project and people in that area told us they struggled to access information through the internet, they wanted to stay at work following their diagnosis, they had challenges with public transport and needed practical information like how to manage a Power of Attorney. From what we heard we created a paper leaflet which contains information about support agencies. We’re working with Stagecoach to ensure all their drivers become dementia friends. We also now ask organisations who get involved to seriously consider the support they would give to members of staff and volunteers who may develop dementia.

Some of these issues may be the same in other parts of the Kingdom but it is essential that we ask as there may be local variations.

So how can you get involved?

The very easy ask is that you take 15 minutes out of your life to become a dementia friend. If we all do that then we are well on the way to Fife becoming the first dementia friendly region in Scotland. At the start of the Project in November last year Fife had 2069 Dementia Friends. I hope to increase that number significantly over the lifespan of the Project which is two years.

Another way you could support the Project is by introducing me to any organisations who you think might be interested in getting involved. A warm contact from a known person is more likely to realise engagement than a cold call by a complete stranger.

All of us working together is the key to achieving a world where having a diagnosis of dementia is as commonplace as any other illness. A world where we can live our lives in the way that we want for as long as we can knowing that we’ll be supported and cared for in our communities and our families.    

Thank you for listening. I’ll look forward in hope that I have inspired you to get involved.   



 Welcome to FIG. 
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