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About Us


Our Aim is to bring together people of all faiths in Fife and advance public knowledge and mutual understanding of the teaching, traditions and practices of the different faith communities in Fife.



  • Provide a platform for communication between faith communities, regional authorities, business and educational institutions
  • Prmote mutual understanding, collaboration and good relations between faith communities and wider society
  • Offering opportunities for faith communities to share best practice on issues of common concerns.
  • Highlighting and celebrating the positive contribution of religious groups



Membership is open to any person or bodies of any who accepts the Aims and Objectives of FIG as expressed above.

Representatives from bodies and agencies who are not of any faith are welcome to open meetings of FIG but are not entitled to vote on any matters.

FIG have the right to request a membership fee from its members to maintain the running costs and out of pocket expenses of the Group

Members who have not attended meetings or sent in apologies for meetings over a period of 2 years will be seen as having relinquished their membership and will stop receiving information and invites from FIG.  This does not apply to Honorary members.


Executive Committee

This will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the membership and shall comprise of

Chair Person,  Vice Chair Person  General Secretary  Joint Secretary Treasurer

The Executice Committee will be empowered to deal with the day to day running of FIG and will maintain appropriate confidentiality about its business.  The Executive Committee will be elected to serve for three years, will be reviewed annually, and shall serve for no kmore than two consecutive terms except in exceptional circulmstances


Current Board Members

Iain Liston - Chairperson

Colm Wilson - Vice Chairperson

Frank Bowness - Secretary

Behdokht Eliasieh - Asst Secretary

Evelyn Liston - Treasurer

Margaret MacEwan - Refreshments Co-ordinator

 Welcome to FIG. 
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